Bathroom Design- Some things to avoid

Bathrooms whether big or small, will add value to your home. However, they need to be designed with efficient use of space and have timeless elegance or you will feel the need to replace them prematurely. Before building the bathroom, make sure you have considered your lifestyle, space and budget because once you start it may be too late to change.

Consider storage from the beginning in order to maximise the space available, it is much harder to retro fit these plans after the event. Because we use so many products these days (both cleaning and to keep clean) you need to factor this into your design.

Choose tiles sizes and colours according to the bathroom size. Large tiles will need to be cut for a small bathroom and loose their ‘wow’, you are better off with smaller or mosaic tiles if space is limited. If space is not an issue then large tiles give a modern look and require less maintenance too.

Colours change the look of the bathroom – dark colours shrink the appearance of the bathroom. Choose light colours like creams or white shades so that bathroom looks more spacious and arguably more timeless too.

Good ventilation is a must as bathrooms produce a lot of steam. Make sure you have good extractor fan and window ventilation is plentiful, if not you may suffer from damp patches in time. Call an experienced plumber and get the best advice for proper ventilation.